IOC, WHO should postponed Rio Olympics, demand Scientists

A group of medical experts, comprising of nearly one hundred and fifty top medical researchers including doctors, scientists, and researches, requested the International Olympic Committee and World Health Organisation to postponed the Rio Olympics considering the recent outbreak of fatal ‘Zika virus’. The group reportedly found that due to the country’s weak prevention program and medical facility, it had completely failed to bring the unfortunate situation under control. Considering the public health factor, the respective authorities must call off or postponed the prestigious function or select another appropriate venue. Meanwhile, IOC retorted that the organisation has not identified any concrete reason to postponed or delay the event. The World Health Organisation has also come forward to back the argument raised by the IOC, saying the Olympics will not alter the spread of virus. It is learned that Brazil, the proposed venue of the Rio Olympics which is scheduled to begin on 5 August this year, is one of the sixty countries, which was mostly affected by Zika virus that causes serious birth defects in the newly born children. In a statement released by WHO, it reveals that the Zika risk can be effectively reduced through the public health travel advice. As per report, at least five lakh foreigners are expected to reach the country this year in order to participate or watch the prestigious Olympic event. However, the political uncertainty is also lagging the Olympic preparations of the Latin American’s powerful nation.


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