Israel text book row: authors remove name from chapter

As the Israeli government is more involved in infiltrating the nationalistic culture into the high school curriculum, three of the textbook’s writers have demanded the removal of their name from the books. The writers allege that the book was edited and re-written beyond their recognition to inject nationalistic contents. Reports say that the writes has given an elaborate protest letter to the authorities. Meanwhile, media sources reports that the book would be published on coming March, despite the protest. Media quoted as a writer as saying; the re-edited contents in the book had failed to deliver a secular book so it is not suitable for all students –particularly to those students with other religious beliefs. Since the induction of Netanyahu’s nationalist government, the country is watching a rampant transformation of the Israeli society from a semi-liberal to an adherent nationalistic. Recently, the government had scraped a fictional book from the school curriculum, which portraits a love story between a Jew and an Arab. Subsequently, they found a nasty reason to explain the action that the book encourages inter-religious marriage. Meanwhile, some conservative corners of the society have welcomed the government’s move to infiltrate Jewish culture though curriculum. However, an Arab-member of the curriculum committee has reportedly resigned from the post protesting the move.


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