Kenya set to shut World’s largest refugee camp  

Kenyan government has decided to shut the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab camp, in order to avert the internal security-threats. As per report, it was home to at least three lakh innocent somalin citizens, who fled the war distorted nation. The reports regarding the Somalian’s repatriation were confirmed by the Kenyan Interior Minster Joseph Nkaisserry. Spiking out all possibilities of the reconsideration, the minister reportedly declared that the government’s decision over the camp issue is final. Meanwhile, the minister asserted that his government will closely work with the International agencies and Somalian government to carry out a smooth and peaceful repatriation.

History reads that the refugee camp was opened on 1991 to provide shelter to the ailing people who fled the war shattered regions of Somalia. Experts say that the new development will lead to further complications and conflicts in the regions. International Medias reported that some families are living in this camp for at least last twenty years. The adamant decision of the Kenyan government will push these lives into more tragedies, expert added. Meanwhile, Kenyans suspect that the camp is providing shelter to the militant groups who are plotting attacks on the country. Recently, al-Shabab, a Somalian based militant organisation, conducted several fatal attacks on Kenya. The terrorist organisation is backed by the infamous militant group al-Qaeda.



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