Lefties ink a virtual pact with Congress..

On the wake of new developments in the political platform of West Bengal, leftist front reportedly inked a virtual pact with its long-time rival, Congress. Interestingly, the communist front on last day announced a partial candidate list in the poll bound West Bengal. Unlike its former election tactics, it left ample blacks in the candidate list which was publicised on last day by a senior communist leader. According to the report, nearly two-hundred seats of two-ninety-four member assembly were remained unfilled even after announcing the candidate list. Surprisingly, preponderance of the candidates who got into the fist list of the leftist candidate dosser was young or new faces. In addition, the party has provided enough opportunity for the people from marginalised community and women. Notably, it is learned that some of the top leftist leaders like Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee are not participating in the assembly polls. However, the lefties conformed that they have not entered into any formal seat sharing pacts or election alliance with the Congress. But, it admitted that there will be an informal alliance. Anyway, the lefties have not given a clear picture about the characteristics of the alliance. Almost 90 percent of the seats in the congress stronghold regions in West Bengal were left unoccupied in the lefti’s candidate list. On the other hand, discontent erupted in the Mamta’s Trinamool immediately after the announcement of the TMC’s candidate list. It is said that the party supremo warned strong action against those people who unnecessarily revolts against the party’s decisions. However, a senior TMC leader ridiculed the speculations about the dissatisfaction and claims that it is only an isolated reaction.


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