Maharashtra to grand minority status to Jews


Considering the difficulties faced by the Jewish community, the Maharashtra government has given minority status to Jews. Reports say that the Maharashtra cabinet had on last day passed the motion seeking minority status to the ancient religious community. According to a statistics report, there are nearly four-thousand Jews live in the country. Interestingly, out of this nearly two-thousand Jews are residing in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Presently, nearly six religions- Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, Parsi, and Jain- enjoy the benefits of minority status in the state. While speaking to reporters, the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, assured that the new status will help Jew students to avail better educational possibilities.

He added that the minority status will help the community to develop minority institutions in the state. It is learned that the community is currently facing some difficulties in marriage registration, death and birth registration, and many more. The new move will help the community to overcome such difficulties, and will ensure the legal recognition of the microscopic community. Earlier, in a request to the CM seeking special status to the minority community, the community members cited that the religion is one of the oldest religions in the state. The community has reportedly expressed extreme happiness on the status, and claimed that they will continue to fight for further benefits and recognitions like holydays, travel subsidy and many more.



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