Messi quits international football after penalty loss


Lionel Messi, the star player of Argentina, has decided to quit the international football career after facing a second consecutive loss in the Copa America finals against Chile. He may continue his career in the club football matches. So, he fans can continue enjoy his performances in Barcelona matches. While playing the final matches of the Copa America against the champions, Chile, he missed a significant penalty kick and pulled the country into a defeat. The 29-year-old champion is the only person in the football history to win around five FIFA Ballons d’Or and over three European Golden Shoes. During his early childhood, he was diagnosed with a rare hormone deficiency symptom. Later, he moved to Spain to join Barcelona which offered him treatment and training. Fighting his odds, with in short span of time he emerged as a star player of Barcelona youth. Even though he scored several goals and demonstrated mind-blowing performance, his talent was never appreciated internationally. His one and only major international honour is an Olympic gold medal secured during 2008 games. During the 2014 World Cup finals, the Argentinian team led by Messi lost the match against Germans. While speaking to reporters after the match, Messi asserts that he tried his best to win the match. He added that he failed to win the match so he is quitting his career. Meanwhile, the Argentinian goalkeeper, Sergio Romero, observed it as an emotional reaction from Messi’s side. He confesses that he cannot imagine an Argentinian team without the star forward and all-rounder, Messi.




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