Mexican govt to extradite Guzman to US


 The Mexican government is likely to extradite the infamous drug lord, Guzman, to the United States. As per report, the drug lord is facing charges including murder, smuggling, money laundering and many more in the United States courts. It is learned that the defence layer will get nearly thirty days to appeal against the extradition move in the Mexican court. Earlier, the infamous criminal had escaped from country’s highly secured prison tactically. Later, he was captured by the security forces from the country followed by a massive search operation. There were reports that he said to have escaped through an underground tunnel with the help of some of the jail officials. Subsequently, the Mexican jail authorities had decided to keep the culprit in a prison located near the United States border. But, they earlier denied the extradition request of the US government. International media reported as defence layer as saying; he will file a defense petition for his client with in few days. Meanwhile, Mexican government asserts that the US authorities assured the infamous drug lord will not be executed even if he is extradited into their country. Guzman was, once, head of a biggest drug racket that smuggles drugs to the United States through Mexican borders. As per reports, he has numerous supporters and well-wishers in the Mexican government. He is backed by a vast criminal network which is potential enough of aid yet another jail break.


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