Mexican vigilantes attack mayors; elected officials demand strong security


The recent developments in Mexico indicate that the country’s vigilantes are fearlessly running a parallel government in several regions putting the elected official’s life in high risk.Reports say that they are practising forced extortion, drug trade, and several other organised crimes. Some of the recent incidents expose how dangerous these criminals are. You might have only heard these kinds of stories in the gangster films.  Recently, a mayor of Pungabarato in a southern Guerrero state of Mexico was brutally shot dead by a bunch of criminals at a main motorway in the city centre.Unfortunately, hours before this fatal incident, another mayor and his deputy were similarly shot to death in the main square of San Juan Chamula by some unidentified criminals.

The deceased mayor, Domingo Lopez and his deputy, Narciso Lunes, were attending a public meeting in the city centre. Apart from the political persons, several others were also injured in the incident.Notably, the deceased Pungabarato mayor had earlier declared, through his twitter handle, that he received some threatening messages from the organised criminals. Earlier, the mayor’s cousin was also killed in a similar incident.From the media reports, it can be easily interpreted that the mayor was not given adequate security even after his public declaration about the threat. On the wake of these incidents, the mayors of Mexico have decided to demand strong security from the government.The collective decision regarding the new move is publicised by the National Association of Mayors on Today.

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