Milestone achievement on Dark-Matter research: Chinese scientists track satellite signal  

As a milestone achievement to the mysterious dark-matter-research, the Chinese scientists successfully tracked the signals of the research satellite. It is the first such signal from the satellite, which is probing on the authenticity of the dark-matter substance. The dark-matter is a suspicious compound in the universe, and it reportedly constitutes 95% of the galaxy. The top scientists have different speculations and theories about the existence of the compound. Since long, some Chinese scientists are totally immersed in the difficult scientific task. And the new achievement is a turning-point to their theories on the matter. Last day, the China’s norther province and the southern region had successfully decoded the clear information from the satellite, according to the Chinese authorities. Some relevant information was transmitted to the National Space Research Organization, claim Scientists. A statement released by the Chinese Academy of Science has admitted the developments on the research. The statement claims that the Chinese researchers had attained a stable connection-channel between the satellite and the research center. The dark matter will not transmit any radiation; and hence, it is a difficult task to explore the compound for the relevant data. The satellite, Dark Matter Particle Explorer, which is probing the dark matter, will have a life line of five years. The scientists hope that the satellite would collect detailed information to prove the existence of dark-matter, with in the short span of five year.


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