Nigerian investigators smash corrupted arms-network  

In order to shatter the corrupted arms network, Nigerian investigators nabbed nearly three-hundred high profile personals, including top military and government officials, over an arms contract scandal. The ailing African nation lost around two-hundred and forty one million dollars in the arms contact scandal. Fortunately, a special investigative team, constituted by newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari, has successfully recovered a small portion of the lost fund. Notably, ever since his induction as the supremo of the African nation, President Buhari has shown extreme commitment to reduce corruption in the state. During his election campaign, Buhari promised that he will try his level best to reduce corruption and to shatter Boko Haram, an Islamic militant organisation. It is admirable that even after his victory he still sticks on to his old promises and shows extreme commitment to fulfil that promises. Recently, the country’s military forces complained that even after earmarking a large chunk of states fund to revamp military, the force is not properly getting benefits from the fund. It proves that some corrupted elements are systematically hijacking the funds earmarked to upgrade the country’s military force, says expert. As per the reports, the investigators found that the corrupted elements had managed to grab funds from the state treasury through fake arm-contracts.



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