‘No role in Lokpal selection’: Centre clarifies its stand


The centre government has clarified its stand on the Lokpal selection procedure, saying it has no role in the selection process of any judicial member for the Lokpal. The centre was responding to a ‘Public Interest Litigation’ submitted by an NGO in the Supreme Court. The NGO alleged that the Lokpal selection procedure lacks transparency. It further claimed that the government is indirectly influencing the judicial system. Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan appeared in the Supreme Court for the NGO. The NGO, named ‘Common Cause’, which demanded the SC’s intervention to eliminate the confusion around the Lokpal selection procedure, is a Delhi-based organisation working for the welfare of society. Earlier, some senior judges opted to stay out of the Lokpal selection committee because of the limited authority bestowed on them. They, then, alleged that the selection committee was advised to select the members from a list approved and shortlisted by the government.

Accepting their request, the centre government had amended the Lokpal rule, stripping of its power to recommend names to the Lokpal selection committee. Recently, a ‘Parliamentary Standing Committee’ recommended that the Lokpal should eventually integrate other anti-corruption bodies under it. While commenting on the committee recommendation, the centre government reportedly asserted that the government would try to implement the suggestion made by the parliamentary committee. The centre government also informed the Supreme Court that it has widened the zone of consideration of the non-judicial member. It seems that the Lokpal is set to embrace a radical revamp. Lokpal is an ideal anti-corruption body created to fight the corruption prevailing in our society.




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