Operation Sophia fails to tackle ‘migrant-smuggling’

Operation Sophia, introduced by European Union for tacking the growing migrant-smuggling in Mediterranean Sea, has partially failed to achieve its objective, says UK report. The renowned project was initially established on late last year to rescue people from illegal migrant network. The political instability in the war-distorted countries has prompted the people to choose a risky journey to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, the preponderance of the migrants has had to lose their life in the midst of the journey. On the wake of this situation, the authorities had on last year developed a rescue operation project to check the migrant smuggling. The operation was named after a newly-born migrant child who was rescued by the German forces on last August. Now, a parliament committee report released by Britain reveals that the proposed project of EU intended to curtail migrant smuggling has partially failed to receive the expected output. Meanwhile, the report admitted that the operation has successfully manged to help a small minority. Notably, the smugglers have diched their old wooden boats and opted rubber boats, which often make the journey even more dangerous. The report observed that the political uncertainty in Libya, which curtails EU from using military action, has added more constraints to the operation. However, while presenting a conclusion statement, the report urged the European Union and concerning authorities to figure out and sort out the root reason for rampant illegal migration. Anyway, it seems that the UK’s report may pave way for new serious discussions over migrant crisis.



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