Outsiders should not interfere in Saudi’s internal affairs: warns King


As a strong warning against the neighbouring countries, Saudi Araba’s Salman King had recently announced that the outsiders should not interfere in the Saudi’s internal affairs. Experts claim that it can be considered as a strong statement against the Iran’s allegations about the Saudi’s internal affairs. But, the king has not specified that they are targeting Iran or any other neighbouring country through the allegation. Saudi often criticised its traditional opponent, Iran, for the unrest in the Arabian region. While speaking at a cultural festival in Riyadh, the King claims that the country has the right to defend its rights. We won’t allow anyone to interfere in the internal affairs of the country, he added. The Saudi King had recently formed a collaboration of Arab countries to fight the mounting internal crisis in Yemen. The country will help to protect the land and government of the Arabian brothers, he asserts. Saudi recently accused Iran of creating sectarianism in the Sunni-dominated countries. It alleges that Iran is backing Shia-rebels in their fight against the Sunni-dominance. Refuting the allegation, Iran claims that Saudi is trying to promote a conservative Sunni society by shattering the Shia groups. The newly elected King Salman is the successor of the late-King Abdullah. It is learned that he enjoys powerful support from the Sunni kingdoms.


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