Parliament session begins in Suu Kyi’s Myanmar


In its initial session since last year’s election, Myanmar’s parliament on today witnessed a democratically elected government for the first time in more than fifty years. Recently, the National League for Democracy party, leaded by Noble laurate Aung San Suu Kyi, had grabbed majority of the seats in the Myanmar parliament election. Remarkably, the party has qualified to form a government in the country. Since 1962, the country was being dominated by the military power. They had directly and indirectly ruled the country and imposed a dictatorial governing. Later, in 2011, the military had handed the power to a semi-civilian government, headed by President Thein Sein; and it paved the way for the democracy in the country. Eventually, President declared the election in this Southeast Asian nation. Followed by that, the pro-democratic party NLD secured a remarkable victory. Unfortunately, NLD leader Suu Kyi is not eligible to hold the country’s supremo position due to some constitutional barrios. It seems that she is most likely to nominate a proxy-President to the superior post in recent future. Even though the NLD achieved eighty percentages of the total seats, it has to share the authority with the military because the Myanmar’s law, military law, allows twenty-five percentage reservations to the military nominees in the government. Earlier, in 1990, the NLD jolted the Myanmar’s political hemisphere with a powerful victory in the general election only to see its leaders jailed by the harsh military personals. Even, NLD leader Suu Kyi had to face a long house arrest, which lasted for at least fifteen years. Alleging unfair election practices, the NLD refused to participate in the 2010 general election, in which the military backed-Thein’s party secured a majority and came to power. Myanmar’s most successful democratic leader, Suu Kyi, had won the Noble Peace Prize in the year 1991.


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