Parliament’s ‘Monsoon Session’ begins: Govt to table at least sixteen bills



 As the Parliament has opened its gates for yet another eventful session, the central government is planning to table nearly sixteen crucial bills, including GST bill, during the Monsoon Session. It is said that the session that begins on today will mark its ending on coming August twelve, and there will be a total of nearly twenty sittings. Last day, the ruling government had convened an all-party meeting with the political elites to ensure the smooth running of the parliament session, and to enable the easy clearance of the vital bills. Anyway, the Kashmir unrest, power politics, NSG failure, and communal issues are likely to jolt the parliament. Though the BJP-led NDA government has increased its strength in the Rajya Sabha after the recent elections, it has not yet reached that magic number to hold an absolute majority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on last day, while speaking at the all-party meeting, urged the political parties to uphold the national interest above all other things. PM Modi claimed that the GST bill holds national importance. He added that the move to present GST bill in the parliament is not aimed at some mere credits or gain. However, the recent political developments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have unexpectedly boosted the congress party’s image. As the country is aggressively nearing towards the most-sensitive UP elections, the opposition parties are not likely to support any bill which could eventually strengthen the BJP’s position in centre.




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