Peru elects new supremo, calls for a social revolution

To lead the country through these unfriendly economic waves that shattered several small economies across the world, the Peruvians appointed an economist to handle the helm of their administration. As per the report, a seventy-seven-year-old veteran economist has been elected as the new President. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has been sworn in as supremo at an official function held in Lima. He is popularly known as PPK. Previously, he served in IMF, World Bank and UN. He is a world-renowned economist, public administrator, and political thinker. Before being inducted as a GM in Peru’s Central Reserve Bank in early 1999, he secured a prominent International reputation. Last month, the conservative representatives had defeated Fujimori’s Fuerza Popular party.  For last few years, the country’s economy is suffering from widening economic inequality.

Though the GDP has acquired consistent growth, it has not benefited the poor since the economic gap is uninterruptedly widening. Experts say that the sudden economic growth of the country can be considered as an impact of the commodity boom. But, it may not benefit poor, added experts. As per report, many Peruvians are still leaving in poverty. While speaking to the reporters, the new supremo asserted that his government would create a social revolution. Undoubtedly, he is aiming at bringing down the economic inequality. It seems that the Peruvians have made an intelligent choice this time. An economist can easily handle an economic crisis, but will he able to settle down the political crisis.



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