Philippine President Frontrunner vows to fight crimes, reintroduce death penalty  


Philippine President Frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte has pledged to demonstrate merciless fight against organized crimes. In addition, he is likely to reintroduce the infamous death penalty in the country. The state had abolished the harsher capital punishments in early 2006 followed by popular demand. Mr Duterte, popularly known as ‘The Punisher’, has successfully transformed one of the notorious cities, Davao, into a peaceful region with his harsher crime-crushing measures. Human rights organisations allege that Mr Duterte had established a cruel death squad in the city to counter attack organised criminals when he was serving as a mayor of Davao. While speaking to the reporters, he claims that he is willing to provide shoot at sight powers to officials for fighting notorious organised crimes. Experts say that he is not new to controversial statements. They added that the stiffer and harsher counter attack policies have earned him a good political millage. However, it is not that easy to establish these kinds of untraditional crime-tackling methods in the country. He needs to pursue the support of congress before introducing these stiffer laws. Anyway, even though the results are yet to be declared, he will, most-probably, acquire the top political position on coming June end as he enjoys a promising led. Meanwhile, it is said that Mr Duterte is keen to develop a friendly relationship with China. He reportedly confessed that he would try to resolve the South China Sea issue immediately.



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