PM Modi to review the performance of ministries, ministers

Aiming at improving the performance of central government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to review the performance of each ministry and its respective ministers. Reports say that the supremo has convened a top level meeting on last day with his council of ministers to deliberate over the performance of each ministry. As the Modi government is nearing its second anniversary, the high level meeting gains much importance. Earlier, there were reports that the NDA government is considering the possibility of a revamp in order to improve the efficiency of the administrative system. Meanwhile, Media reported as a source as saying; PM will examine the each minister’s capability to implement the central sponsored projects and cabinet decisions directed by the cabinet committee. It is said that there is a wide gap between what was announced by the cabinet and the implementation of the same. It is learned that preponderance of the departments has failed in implementing the centre sponsored projects properly. Experts believe that a top level review meeting can improve the performance of the ministry and the departments under it. It may help BJP to grab an astonishing victory in upcoming regional polls particularly in Uttar Pradesh, added experts. Earlier, in last January, the NDA government had convened a similar top level meeting to review the performance of the ministries and it was a huge success.



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