Police violence against blacks: Protest erupts in US


 The protesters took the streets of New York to express their anger against the latest police attack on the African-Americans, in which an innocent black man, Philando Castile, has been shot to death at St Paul. A survey conducted by the human rights authorities observed that the blacks are more likely to be shot to death by the police than the whites. Unfortunately, it is the second such incident happening in the country which has a blood socked past of black-white conflict. In a similar incident, a middle aged man, Alton Sterling, was brutally killed by the police authorities at Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Notably, both incidents were recorded in camera, and were published on the online platforms immediately after the incidents.

The videos went viral in the social media platforms; and several people including famous actors and politicians extended support to the movement against the black killings. The protesters organised large demonstrations across the country demanding concreate action against the perpetrators. In one such protest, the girlfriend of Mr Castile, Diamond Reynolds, delivered an emotional speech at St Paul, saying the police are neither protesting us nor serving us. She added that they are keen to assassinate us. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton alleges that the police would not have done this cruelty if the victim was a white man. He claims the country still has the racist bud so we much ensure that this kind of incident should not repeat again. Meanwhile, US President Barak Obama expressed concerns over the police attacks on blacks.




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