President expects a smooth budget session, welcomes productive debates


While addressing the budget session of the parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee on last day called for a peaceful and productive budget session. The Indian supremo has reminded the law makers about the importance of debates and discussions throughout his seventy five minutes long speech. He urged the Parliament members to perform their duty with extreme sincerity. He further informed that the government is committed to ensure the smooth proceedings of the budget session as it is essential to deliver a responsible output to the common public. In his brief message, President appreciated the security officials who had effectively tackled the Pathankot airbase attack. He further claims that our economy have efficiently sustained the global economic setbacks and proved its strength and stability. Pointing the positive developments in the Indo-Pak relations, he indicates that our country has attained appreciable growth in the foreign relations. Meanwhile, it seems that the opposition is not at all satisfied by the Presidents message. They allege that the Supremo has omitted latest issues that are jolting the Indian political and social scenario. Immediately after the session, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury claims that President failed to address important factors like price hike and many more. However, the President’s message has mostly stressed on the achievements of the ruling government rather than the social issues. It seems that the speech has purposefully excluded Dalit student’s suicide, Jat reservation issue, JNU students protest and many more. On the initial day of the section, the Dalit student’s suicide stirred the Rajya Sabha. The upper house of the parliament on last day adjoined within minutes over the protest. BSP leader Mayavathi had strongly raised Dalit issue on last day in the parliament and demanded an explanation from the government about the central minister’s involvement in the issue. Anyway, the centre has reportedly decided to go aggressive on the JNU issue. But, it seems that they are sceptical about the Dalit issue.


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