Pro-EU PM Vucic marks remarkable victory in Serbian elections  

Giving wings to the pro-European agenda of the Serbian progressive party, a promising victory has been wristed by the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic who had openly expressed his loyalty towards European Union recently. As per survey reports, the progressive party has acquired nearly fifty percentage votes in the parliament elections. Interestingly, this is country’s third parliament election in less than four years. Meanwhile, the socialist party is said to have grabbed around thirteen percentage votes when pro-Russian, radical party secured seven percentage votes. The anti-EU, radical party leader Vojisalv Seselj is expected to enter the house this year because the UN court has acquitted him of all the crime charges. Anyway, it won’t be that easy for progressive leaders to press for EU-entry. While speaking to the reporters, Mr Vucic expressed happiness for the privilege bestowed on him by the voters. When he was campaigning for the election campaign, he assured that if he is elected he would continue his reformations in the country. Though out his election campaign, he indicated that he is trying to lead the country towards European Union. As per reports, his prime focus is EU membership. Though Mr Vucic is said to have gained a promising majority in the house, he could not make decisions independently. The presence of pro-Russian elements and ultra-nationalist elements in the parliament will make things difficult. However, Serbia has to make a feasible solution to mounting economic-crisis and rising unemployment-rates immediately.  Until and unless it generates an applicable solution to these issues, it cannot push the country towards EU.



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