Rich countries hording Covid-19 vaccines, alleges People’s Vaccine Alliance

A coalition of campaigning bodies, The People’s Vaccine Alliance, has alleged that rich countries are hoarding doses of Covid-19 vaccines. It has noted how Canada, a high income country, has behaved in the area of vaccination.

The allegation has brought a very sensitive issue under the spotlight. What the issue indicates is that it is important to bring the attention of the world into the matter of vaccination.

It has been alleged that around 70 lower-income countries, particularly those in the African region, would only be able to vaccinate one in ten people.

The accusation has been dismissed by most vaccine companies. Oxford-AstraZeneca is the first to come with an opposing note. The vaccine maker has assured to provide over 64 per cent of its doses of developing countries.

The vaccine accessibility is a big question. If the accessibility is limited, then the development of the vaccine cannot be boasted as a great achievement.  

Certain Non-Governmental Organisations have already come forward to address the issue of vaccine accessibility.

A popular organisation has managed to secure 700 million doses of vaccines to be distributed between the 92 lower-income countries that have signed up.

Needless to say, they have several limitations.

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