Shocking! British lawmaker stabbed to death by a suspected far-rightist


 The UK Labour Party lawmaker, Jo Cox, was stabbed to death on broad daylight by a suspected far-rightist activist, Tommy Mair. The 41 year old lawmaker was a pro-EU campaigner; she, together with Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, has created ‘All Party Working Group’ in Syria. She was surviving with her husband, Brendan Cox, and two little kids. She was a powerful orator, and an efficient parliamentarian. The police authorities have not revealed clear detains about the motives behind the brutal murder. Meanwhile, an eyewitness, while speaking with BBC reporters, claimed that the killer had shouted a slogan, ‘put British first’, before committing the terrible murder.

However, a pro-rights political party, British First, in a video statement, confessed that they have no involvement in the crime. Anyway, the churches have conducted special prayers on today to commemorate the British lawmaker. Several top political personalities participated in an event organised outside the parliament building to pay homage to Mrs Cox. British Prime Minister David Cameron described the death as a terrible tragedy happened to the country. He describes Mrs Cox as a committed and devoted lawmaker. At the same time, the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn used strong statements to convey his grievance. He recalls Mrs Cox as a much-loved colleague. He added that it should be a shocking situation to the country. It is learned that British Queen will sent a personal message to the Mrs Cox’s husband. The palace declined to make a public statement on the issue.





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