Swiss citizens voted against guaranteed basic income plan


 The citizens of Switzerland have voted against the guaranteed basic income plan introduced under the Swiss popular initiative system. Reports say that over seventy seven percentage people have strongly rejected the plan proposing free-salary to the unemployed adult. Experts claim that the latest proposal on the free-salary is clearly exposing the difficulties raised by the high-cost of living standard in the European country. The supporting group of the proposal demanded that each and every adult should be given a basic monthly salary of two-thousand and five hundred Swiss francs, whether he is employed or not. The increasingly automated work spaces have considerably reduced the job opportunities of a common Swiss-citizen, they added. It is learned that the rising unemployment rate and cost of living have prompted the people to demand the free-salary.

As per information, Swiss is the first country to conduct a referendum on the free-salary or guaranteed basic income. Though the proposal demanding the free-salary received ten thousand signatures within a short time, it did not make much impact on the people. The referendum only received nearly twenty-seven percentage votes in favour of the proposal. The critics observed that the move to give free-salary to the unemployed adult will make negative impacts on the society. Earlier, some similar proposals were introduced in Finland and Dutch but they all failed to achieve a momentum. Some legislators pointed-out that the move will unnecessarily invite millions of unproductive population into the country. Notably, none of the political parties offered support to the initiative.



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