Telangana set to develop a separate foreign ministry


In an effort to strengthen the foreign relation and NRI welfare activities, the Telangana government is planning to constitute a separate foreign ministry.
Reports say that the strategical ministry is likely to be bestowed on the CM’s son, K Taraka Rama Rao, by the government, at the behest of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.
Until this development, the prominent foreign affairs activities have been a matter of the union government.
By organising a federal foreign affairs platform, the state government is virtually intruding into the centre government’s matter.
Anyhow, amidst rising speculations over the jurisdiction of the newly suggested ministry Telangana clarifies that they are planning to work in cooperation with the central ministry.
Notably, Telangana claims that they have acquired these ideas from the Kerala government which has recently created a department for migrant affairs.

The government is set to issue an order regarding the new development within few days, says a source.
KTR is presently holding several high-profile portfolios in his father’s ministry including IT, urban development, municipal administration, and industries and commerce.
The newly suggested ministry is also aimed at turning the state into most-accepted foreign investment location in the country.Moreover, the government is planning to revamp the NRI policy of the state in order to suit the requirements.
Notably, the new ministry is expected to have an individual secretariat. Experts say that the Telangana government is eyeing at foreign investment to meet their development purpose. They are likely to constitute several liberal policies to encourage the investment, experts added.




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