Telecom regulator rules against discriminatory tariff


TRAI, telecom regulator, on last day ruled that the telecom operators should not give discriminatory service to the customers. Earlier, there were reports that the operators were trying to deliver the data service on the basis of the continent in the website and App. However, the order will restrict the operators from imposing different price tariff for the different sites and Apps. The current ruling is a big hindrance to the Facebook Free basis project and Airtel Zero rating project because the operators cannot offer a particular site for a lesser amount due to the non-discriminatory order. According to the TRAI, the free basis and the Zero rating projects are totally against the principles –like transparency in the projects and non-discrimination in the service- of the telecom regulatory authority. The order reads that the service providers cannot charge any organisation or customer for the content that they are published or viewed. Reports say that the regulatory authority would impose high penalty on the defaulters of the present telecom policy. The Facebook’s free basis project had earlier triggered wide speculations about the sustainability of net neutrality in the country. The issue had recently jolted the social media platform. Experts claim that the regulatory authority’s decision will counter the movements against the net neutrality.


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