Tender chicken pieces                                           -1 Kg

 For the marinade..

Yogurt                                                                       -1 cup

Garlic paste                                                              -1 tablespoon

ginger paste                                                              -2 tablespoons

coriander powder                                                     -1 teaspoon

chilly powder                                                            -1 teaspoon

turmeric powder                                                      -1 teaspoon

cumin powder                                                           -1 teaspoon

spice powder                                                             -1 teaspoon

pepper powder                                                        -1 teaspoon

salt                                                                             – to taste

onion sliced                                                              -1 large

coconut oil                                                                – 4 tablespoons

Method of preparation

Combine all the items given in the marinade and mix with the meat. Set aside for a few hours. Later cook this meat with just enough water till dry. Set aside. Heat a flat pan with 2 tablespoons of oil and sauté the onions. Remove this from the pan. Then add the remaining oil to this and add the cooked meat and stir well. Lower the heat and spread this in the pan and cook covered till the meat is well roasted. When ready to serve add the sauted onions to this stir and serve.

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