Tension rises in Korea: North launches rocket, South seeks west support

rocketlaunchAfter the latest rocket launch by North Koreans, it seems that the Korean region is currently facing a terrible regional tension. Reports say that South Korea had recently demanded the US’s assistance to implement a Terminal High Altitude Area Defence. It is learned that the Russians and Chinese government condemn the South Korea’s move to implement the high altitude defence system. Igniting the issue, the South Korean navy on last day fired at a North Koran petrol boat, which allegedly intruded the South’s naval territory. Agency reported as South Korean defence minister as saying; a North Korean boat has illegally crossed the sea border of the country. Experts claim that two powerful fronts are forming in the Korean Peninsula- US backed South Korea and China backed North Korea. Reports say that South Korea will soon install missile launchers in the country with the help of the US. It seems that the aggressive defence installations of North Korea had prompted the South to resume talks with the United States. Despite UN’s regulations, the North Korean government had recently tested a nuclear bomb and successfully launched a rocket. However, UN on last day announced that they will impose strict sanction against North Korea on the wake of aggressive military installations.


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