TIME declares Angela Merkel as the Person of the Year

TIME magazine last day announced the Person of the Year award list, and unsurprisingly German Chancellor Angela Merkel held the top position in the list. She had shown remarkable care to resolve the Europe crisis; the Greece finical crisis and Europian migrant issue had literally pushed the European Union into the edge of crash, but the German lady with her leadership quality have saved the EU. It seems Merkel must have scored more marks based on her contributions to the European Union.  Recently, Germany has opened there gates for the migrants; even though the step had attracted wide flake, the German chancellor became an angel to the migrants. In recent months, the Europe had witnessed huge possession of the migrants from the central Asia marching towards Germany with numerous pluck cards showing Melkel’s picture. From a common middle class lady to the countries first elected Chancellor, Merkel has travelled a hard journey. Currently, this sixty one year old German lady is the most powerful women in the World.  The germen voters were attracted towards her normal lifestyle and natural oration; and very often, top Medias acclaimed the simplicity of Merkel.  Medias reported that Merkel’s office welcomed the Times magazine’s announcement.


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