Tribal leader Soni Sori attacked by unidentified men


The renowned rural activist Soni Sori had been attacked on late Sunday by two criminals in Chhattisgath. Reports say that the rural leader from the Maoist-affected region had been admitted in the Apollo hospital on last day by the medical authorities for efficient treatment. According to the national media reports, the criminals had pasted some fatal chemical substance on her face and escaped swiftly after the attack. DNA reported that the tribal leader’s face has been charred by the unidentified chemical which was pasted on her by the attackers. When approached by a media reporter, though she was badly heart and struggling in the ICU bed the activist reportedly expressed admirable courage to express her voice, saying the attacks has strengthen her further and she cannot be ceased form her mission. Meanwhile, the medical team has confirmed that the activist has succeeded in overcoming the danger and her eye sight could be regained. Unfortunately, the medical team has not yet identified the chemical that was used for the attack. Soni Sori, a former teacher, is a member of the AAP party and ST activist. She has raised her voice against the alleged fake encounters and rape cases in the Maoist-hit region. Several times, she has strongly criticized the security force for creating violence in the region.    While specking to Medias, she expressed concern about the security of her little daughter, who is a fifteen year old a student. However, the Delhi commission of women has appealed to Central home ministry to initiate severe action against the preparators of the attack.


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