Turkish journalists get freedom after three-month-long injustice

Turkish court on last day acquitted two journalists who were arrested on November over espionage and several other charges. The count reportedly found that the ruling government had curtailed the Freedom of Press and personal rights of the convicts by charging a case against the two reputed journalist. The security agencies, in its chargesheet, alleged that the journalists had publicised the state secret, and thus they virtually helped the extremists groups who were fighting against the country. Both journalist -Can Dundar and Erdem Gul- were arrested in early November by the security agencies. The journalists, through their publication, earlier reported that the Turkish government had tried to send arms and ammunition to some Islamic fighters in Syria. Earlier, the arrested journalists had been found guilty of the charges by a constitution court.    Unfortunately, the journalists had to undergo three-month’s imprisonment before gaining a positive verdict. International Medias reported that large crowd gathered around the Silivri jail to celebrate the victory of press. While addressing the people, the journalists announced that they will continue to fight till they get complete freedom. According to the report, at least thirty journalists of the country are behind the bar at the movement. Unfortunately, Preponderance of the convicted journalists is of Kurdish origin. However, the journalists expressed extreme hope about the future of the Freedom of Press. And, they were evidently devoted to protect the rights of their colleges and ailing journalists, says report.


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