UK foreign secretary embarks to Cuba for historical visit

United Kingdom is likely to strengthen the bilateral relationship with Communist Cuba on the wake of latest global developments. In order to strengthen the process, the Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom, Philip Hammond, has made a historical visit to the iron curtain country. He is the first secretory and the top level officer of UK to visit this Caribbean communist land since Cuban Red Revolution. It is learned that the duos are likely to reach an informal agreement in several basic fields like education, culture and many more. While speaking to International Medias, the UK’s Foreign Secretary claims that he and his country is keen to develop a productive relationship with Cuba. Recently, in a game changing move, the US President Barack Obama had made a historical visit in the country and quashed the, several decades old, trade embargo on Cuba. Notably, the UK government has offered unconditional help to defend the rampant outbreak of Zika virus in the region. It is said that the abrupt development in the bilateral relationship would enable the Cuban government to grab some relaxations on Cuba’s debit to the Kingdom. Until recently, the west world was not in a good relationship with Cuba since the 1959 communist revolution. They had earlier imposed several trade sanctions on the country and obstructed the export and trade developments. However, it seems that the iron curtain country is keen to embrace the west world and its economy.


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