UN condemns South Sudan violence


The United Nations expressed strong condemn over the latest outbreak of violence between the warring factions in South Sudan.In addition, it claims that the warring forces have deliberately attacked the UN bases in the country. It reportedly added that they did not expect such a provocative action.Since Friday, Juba has been witnessing continuous clashes between the military forces supporting Vice President Riek Machar and official army backing President Salva Kiir.The Dinka and Nuer are the two prominent ethnic groups of this newly independent African nation.  Notably, South Sudan President represents the Dinka faction and his rival, Vice President, represents other faction.Triggering the conflict, in 2013 the President dismissed his close confidante, VP, from the government.

Even though the President tried to justify his action on several occasions, they were simply incapable of convincing the Nuer tribe, who believes the Dinkas are trying to enfeeble their strength.The latest protest erupted in Juba, the capital city, one of the strongholds of Nuer faction supporting Vice President.Meanwhile, UN authorities on today informed that nearly hundreds of people have sought shelter in their base.It is informed that a Chinese representative was killed in the attack. But, the clear details about his identity and whereabouts are not properly known at this moment.The US government has withdrawn their non-emergency members from their embassy in Juba.According to reports, around two million people were displaced and over thousands of people killed due to the civil war which broke out on 2013.



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