Unexpected reshuffle: Putin sacks Ivanov, appoints his deputy as staff chief


As the Russian government is nearing the most crucial general election, its supremo, Vladimir Putin, has sacked his close confidante, Sergei Ivanov, from the prestigious position and appointed his deputy, Anton Vaino, as the chief of staff. Mr. Ivanov was once considered as the successor of Putin. He was the close ally of the Russian dictator. Like his supremo, he was also the member of KGB, the soviet security service. Unexpectedly, now, he is appointed as a special representative for environment and transport issue, which can be considered as a lower rank when compared with his former position. Even if the Russian official source claims that Mr. Ivanov had himself opted to step down from the position and nominated his deputy to that level, when we closely monitor the present political atmosphere of Russian it smells something fishy, opined the expert.

Mr. Ivanov’s successor, Mr. Vaino, is a former diplomat, who served in the Tokyo embassy. He graduated from the renowned Moscow State Institute of International Relations. While speaking to the reporters, Mr. Vaino claimed that he would perform his duties sincerely. He added that his task is to ensure the government policies are implemented properly. In addition, he thanked his supremo for the new responsibility bestowed on him. Notably, the Russian higher circle reportedly refused to comment on the queries regarding the new reshuffle. Anyway, an official statement released by the Russian government confirms that the government has decided to relieve Mr. Ivanov from the position. There also, it has not mentioned any reason for the sudden removal.




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