US plans to sell weapons to Taiwan…………..

Despite the strong opposition from the Chinese government, the US is planning to sell the advanced war-weapons to Taiwan. The deal will deliver around thousand missiles and many latest weapons to the Island country. Taiwan is in an unfriendly relation with Chine since the establishment of the Island after the Chines Civil War. Eventhough Taiwan claims they are only trying to upgrade the self-protection of the country, the Beijing considers the new weapon sale as a potential-treat to China.  Taiwan government supremo expressed happiness in the new sales development. Meanwhile, along-with political support, opposition party support had been gained by the ruling government. The Chinese foreign officers have sent strong opposition to New York and demand reconsideration of the sale pact.Spiking all speculations, the Taiwan leader revels that the country needs a good relation with China. He added that the Island country would not promote a war. Recently, China threatened Taiwan government that they would not hesitate to use the military power against Taiwan. Earlier in 2010, the Chinese government had dismissed all relations with the United States over the same issue. However, the international-political experts claim that the new arm deal would spoil the US-China relations. They added that the relation was already unstable due to various reasons.

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