US plans to strengthen EUCOM

Aiming to tackle growing threats from Russian forces, the United States on last day decided to strengthen the US European Command in the eastern regions of European continent. Recently, the Russian forces had aggressively invaded Ukrainian region in early 2014. It is said that the unexpected invasion has aroused security concerns in the European countries as a whole. They reportedly alleged that the Russian forces were rampantly trying to expand their base in the European region by occupying neighbouring regions of Russia bordering with Europe. Reports say that the United States has decided to induct extra armoured brigade in the proposed region. Recently, on last year, the United States had announced its plan to increase defence expenditure by next fiscal. Experts claim that with the new move, the US forces would be capable enough to defend any aggressive military actions from the Russians side. Media quoted as US military sources as saying; the latest move can effectively strengthen the US forces and Nato forces in the region. It will prove more security to the member countries, he added. The move will gift a technically modified force, he further added. Meanwhile, Russians alleges that the European forces and Nato is trying to disturb the borders of their country. They further allege that they are planning to come closer to the Russian borders to destabilise the region.


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