US President set to visit Cuba on coming March

Providing an abrupt boost to the US-Cuba relations, the White house on last day, in a statement, announced that US President Obama will visit Cuba on coming March. The Communist Cuba has been a long-time rival to the west world for last five decades. The western countries and the US had earlier imposed strict sanctions to curtail the economic strength of the small island country. Recently, the snow had melted and the bridge had been constructed across the giant disapproving mentalities. It is learned that Pope Francis has paved the way for the new development in the American continent. In last July, the US authorities had relaxed the norms of the extreme sanction which had provided some trade and travel freedom between both countries. Subsequently, both nations had reopened their embassies in the countries and took the relation forward. On Tuesday, both the countries had inked a historic pact to restart the commercial air-services between Cuba and the US. As an effort to carry the relation to the possible higher level, this time, the US supremo has found time to step into Cuba during his broader trip to Latin America. Meanwhile, it seems that the Republicans are not impressed with the new initiative. They have reportedly criticised the government’s decision to visit Cuba. International Medias reported that Michelle Obama will also accompany with his husband, President, during his visit to Cuba. The President will convene meetings with all sort of persons from the social hemisphere of the island country, report added. At the same time, the Cubans have welcomed the White House’s decision to visit the long-term rival country after five decades.


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