US president visits mosque to ensure ‘Religious Freedom’


While the merciless election tactics in the country is rampantly encouraging religious-polarisation in the land of democracy, the US supremo himself tightened his belt to shatter the threats on religious freedom. In one such move, the President is planning to visit a US mosque to wipe the concerns of the large American-Muslim community in the country. The White House declares that the President’s visit to the most will strengthen the religious freedom in the country. Recently, the Republican Party’s leader Donald Trump had given some anti-Muslim statement particularly against the migrant Muslims. Later, the statement had paved the way for several heated discussions on the topic. Experts claim that repeated discussions about the anti-Muslim statements has taken the issue to a worst end from a bad beginning. Several minority Muslim organisations had recently come forward to criticise the issue. Unfortunately, some minor provoking incidents have been reported. Finally, the appropriate interference of the White house is expected to provide the deserved relaxation in the mounting religious tension. Reports say that the US supremo would spend a reasonable time at a Mosque near the country’s capital. He would convene a meeting of American-Muslim leaders and deliberate on the subjects that interrupting the religious freedom, report added. While speaking to the Media personals, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest asserts that we should not allow anyone to target the American-Muslim community. He alleges that some Republican leaders are trying to create communalisation in the society. However, the Republican Party leaders were not immediately available for the comments.


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