Venezuela starving; UN human rights agencies call for humanitarian aid


The deteriorated economy of the Latin American socialist nation, Venezuela, has pushed its citizens into a worst pit of starvation. As per report, the country is currently facing huge shortage of basic consumer goods. The Venezuelan population mostly depend on the Colombian market for their daily consumer goods. According to information, nearly one lakh people had on last week crossed the borders to buy essential goods. BBC reported as people as saying; they are not even able to feed their children properly. On the wake this crisis, the UN human rights organisations have asked respective authorities to provide essential food and medicines to the ailing people. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan supremo, Nicolas Maduro, has requested his Colombian counterpart to close the country borders. He claims that his country is the victim of an economic war.

Anyway, the opposition alleges that the inefficient policies formulated by the ruling socialist government have spoiled the country’s economy. However, Mr Maduro opined that the open borders will put the country into more danger. He suspected that the open borders will help the Colombian paramilitary forces and criminal gangs to easily infiltrate into the socialist nation. In a statement, the Colombian forging minister asserts that the country would not allow another temporary opening in future. The poor oil price is the prime reason for current financial crisis of Venezuela. Its economy is mostly depending up on the oil market. They usually import essential goods to meet their daily needs. Earlier, the government was providing over forty per cent subsidy for certain consumer goods. Huge subsides and unproductive economies have gradually transformed the country into a dependent nation.




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