World powers condemn Syrian hospital attack: Turkey blames Russia

World powers including the United Nations and European Union on Today condemned the Syrian hospital attacks. Reports say that at least fifty people were killed in an air strike on hospitals and schools in Syria. Around five hospitals were reportedly subjected to the brutal air strike. In a statement, immediately after the attack, Turkey claims that Russians and Assad regime are responsible for the brutal attacks on the common citizens of the war-distorted country. Subsequently, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the violence against the hospital staffs and common citizens. He claims that the attack had violated the international human rights law. Later, EU had declared similar kind of statement again the human rights violations in the ailing war-region. It seems that the attacking flight has not avoided even the international charity organisations from there mischievous radar. They have reportedly attacked Muratt al Numan, a charity organisation of western groups. Meanwhile, Turkish authorities reports that Russian fighter planes shot missiles at a hospital in Azar. However, Russian defence authorities reportedly ridiculed the allegation and denied all baseless speculations. At the same time, some top leaders reportedly claim that through the brutal-attacks on the citizens, the perpetrators are mocking at the credibility of Munich conference. Last week, the top players in the Syrian battlefield, under the supervision of International Syrian Support Group, had reached an agreement to bring down the human rights violations through an early ceasefire treaty. UNICEF, in a statement, conformed that at least six children were killed in an air strike in schools near Azaz. However, Russian formerly clarified that they cannot implement a sudden ceasefire in the region. They continue to fight IS through the air strike, says report. While attending a program in the Syrian Capital, President Bashar al Assad pledged that his military forces will recapture entire Syria. Surprisingly, he has not mentioned anything about the ceasefire agreement.


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