A Top Europe Court Curbs Employee’s Privacy

top court

If you have a habit of doing personal chats in your office hour, you should know that a new court order from a European court enables your employer to fire you for that reason. It must be a disturbing order; but, experts claim that we can’t expect anything different in a capitalistic-nation’s court. Surprisingly, the court even allowed the company to access the personal messages of the employee. Isn’t it a threat to the privacy law, asks an IT professional, while seeking an opinion about the incident. The unpleasant law was passed by a Europe’s top human rights court, while hearing a case filed by a Romanian engineer. The court ruled that the company can monitor and check the personal messages of the employee to ensure the efficiency of the workforce. Earlier, in 2007, the Romanian engineer was fired by a company for texting personal messages through the Yahoo Messenger. The company management argued that the employee was found chatting with his fiancée and brother during the work hour. And they claims that it is against the company’s policy. Later, the European Human Right Court dismissed the petitioner’s arrangement, which claims that the company have curtailed his ‘right to confidential correspondence’. Earlier, a Romanian court had granted permission to access the personal communication details of the employee. The new court order defended the earlier verdicts that enable the company to peek into the employee’s personal communications.


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