Afghan Peace Talk: Mediators demand direct talk between Taliban and government


To lay a strong foundation to the peace process of Afghanistan, the mediators demanded a face-to-face discussion between the Afghan government and the Taliban. The representatives of the US, China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan met last day to discuss the possibility of a stable peace-process in the war-distorted country. Reports say that the representatives conducted several marathon meetings to articulate a convincing peace-formula to the country. A source informed the International Medias that the meeting was a great success, and the representatives would meet again to follow up the process. Earlier, a Taliban representative asserts that the Islamic militant organisation was not willing to conduct a direct meeting with the government. However, later, they informed the authorities that the group is willing to meet the United Sates representatives.

Meanwhile, a press release about the meeting claims that the representatives of the peace talk had demanded that the government and the Taliban group should make a face-to-face talk. It avows that the peace process will help to protect the unity and the integrity of Afghanistan, which was severely shattered by the continuous wars. Experts claim that the Taliban had broken up into different factions after the death of their founder leader. Some small groups are incapable to make an effective war front so they could be attracted by the peace talk, he added. Earlier, the Taliban militants had inflicted severe injury on the Afghan military force particularly after the withdrawal of the NATO force. However, the militants still have some strong holds in the rural Afghanistan. The group is running a parallel government in their strong holds. Experts claim that the peace talk will be a significant step towards the Afghan’s development.