After a group of women on rafts and paddleboards went over a Virginia dam, authorities identified them as missing

Two ladies were reported missing in Virginia on Tuesday after a group of people in rafts and paddleboards went over the Bosher Dam on the James River the day before.

Lauren E. Winstead, 23, of Henrico County, and Sarah E. Erway, 28, of Chesterfield County, were reported missing by Henrico Police after they worked with their friends and families.

The crash on Monday afternoon affected 12 people. The dam has a 12-foot drop, and water levels have been high. The river appears calm above the dam, but it is churning below, with some of the group’s paddleboards and inflatable rafts caught in the currents underneath the rushing water.

One of them was able to get help from a nearby house. Kayakers in the vicinity, according to Assistant Fire Chief Jeffrey Segal, assisted in the rescue of nine more people. Despite a thorough search, two ladies remained unaccounted for, according to Segal.Henrico County police stated in a news release that crews searched for the two women until dusk and restarted the search Tuesday morning.

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