Calling the police helpline number and disrupting work; Finally the woman was arrested

Police helpline numbers are always a relief for us, right? These numbers are the hope of getting help if called in any crisis. We do not dial these numbers unless absolutely necessary. But there are some people who even call these numbers to play pranks or make jokes to pass the time.In this way, the news of people calling the police helpline number and asking them to deliver alcohol and shawarma and so on have come out many times.

All this is tantamount to disrespecting the police help desk team which is open for public service. If they do this, there will definitely be legal action against them. Especially to waste their precious time in this way is highly offensive. It is time to provide service to someone else who needs it.Now there is a news about a woman who called the police helpline number and harassed them in a different way.

The incident took place in Florida, USA. They have called the police helpline number more than twelve thousand times in a year. They called 512 times a day. This is the most frequently called day.After calling, they usually call the policemen who take the call rudely or abuse them. Or ask something and argue with the policemen when they answer – it will then turn into an argument. After this strange pattern continued for several months, fifty-one-year-old Carla Jefferson was found and the police alerted the culprit. But this did not happen. This is still their job.It is not clear whether Carla, who has been accused in several cases and served prison terms, is mentally ill. But since they continued this program later, the police have now arrested them.

Carla has been arrested on the grounds that she is causing mental stress to the policemen working at the helpline desk and is disrupting their work.There have been many news stories about people playing games by simply calling the police helpline number. But the instances where it is called that many times are rare among the rare. That’s why Carla’s case is drawing so much attention. And their incident can be a reminder to those who promote such unhealthy trends.

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