Canadian govt to impose stricter measures to protect native women

Canadian Liberal government has introduced stricter measures to ensure the protection of indigenous women, saying the cases regarding violence against women are rampantly rising. Earlier, a survey report had revealed that at least thousand two-hundred women went missing or murdered since 1980 in Canada. In order to bring more clarification about the recent crisis, a government body had recently released a statement in which they declare that they didn’t have the exact details of missing or murdered native women. Statement indicates that once the government brings out exact survey report, the figures may rise. International Medias reported that members of Liberal government have visited some survivors as an initial step to collect the basic data. In his election campaigns, the then Liberal party’s candidate and current Prime Minister vowed that his party would formulate serious action plan to tackle the violence against women. While speaking to the media personals, Canadian status of women minister on day before last day said that the total cases of murdered or missing indigenous women could be more than four thousand. The minister emphasised NWAC’s survey report, a survey conducted by women’s association of Canada, to state the authenticity of the speculations regarding the exact figures. According to NWAC’s report, at least four-thousand women went missing or murdered during last twenty years. The murder of Tina Fontaine, a teen Canadian native girl who was found murdered in the Red River, had recently triggered the concerns about the women security in the country. Even though the authorities have successfully nabbed the culprit, the issue has invited wide flak against the ruling government.  In an investigative series telecasted in the BBC network, it unearthed the mysterious situation of Canadian murders, proving predominant of the missing women was later found in river as copse. However, PM pledged that he would revamp the existing law to ensure more security to the native women.


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