Castro contempt Obama’s visit to Cuba

Breaking his brief silence, Fidel Castro on last day expressed extreme-contempt on US President’s historical visit to Cuba, an iron curtain country. Through a statement published in the state run media, he criticized the US president’s visit with rough words. He reportedly asserted that his country didn’t want any gift from any emperor or king. He called the process of reconciliation talks as tainted syrup. He warned the Cuban public that it would not deliver any good to Cubans. In his printed statement, he tried to evoke the feelings of the Cold War. And, at the same time, he tactically elucidated the US’s role in the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is said that a United State backed military force along with Cuban exiles had tried to capture the Communist Island in the year 1961, the Bay of Pigs invasion. Even though the letter was a thousand-five hundred words long brief-dosser, Castro successfully articulated all the necessary factors around the issue. The Cuban revolution hero is currently not active in the political scenario since he handed over his power to his brother Raul Castro around a decade ago. Anyway, he still enjoys powerful and influential position in the Cuban’s heart. Earlier, during his visit to the Communist Cuba, US supremo Obama assured that the United States will no longer be a threat to Cubans. Lifting of embargo was one of the attractive assurances made by the US president during that visit. But, it needs US congress’s approval to get a final legal status to the move.



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