China blocks Azhar ban; India strongly condemns Beijing’s action

India on last day strongly condemned the Chinese authority’s decision to block UN’s action against Masood Azhar, chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terror outfit. Our investigative officers had recently identified Azhar’s involvement in the Pathankot terror attack, in which seven Indian military officers were brutally killed by the terrorist. In last February, the Indian officials had submitted a request in the UN committee seeking ban on Azhar and his terror organisation. Reports say that detailed investigation report along with concreate evidence stating the involvement of Azhar had been submitted together with the request. But, on day before yesterday, Chinese representatives demanded a halt in action against the Pakistani terrorist. Subsequently, the United Nation’s committee was forced to put the action on hold. Though the Indian representatives have warned that Azhar and his activities evoke potential terror-threat in the South Asia as a whole, the United Nations could not impose an immediate ban circumventing Chinese representative’s disagreement. As one of the most-powerful developed nation in the world, China enjoys veto power in the United Nation’s committees including the United Nations Security Council. Anyway, central minister Kiren Rijiju reportedly commended on last day that our country will formulate adequate action plan to peruse the UN’s decision in favour of our interest. In addition, Minister reportedly claimed on last day that Chinese government’s action in this issue was unfair.



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