China ceases ‘single-child’ policy

Diluting the strict regulation on the population control, Chinese authorities have squashed the single-child policy, which restricts the Chinese citizen from having a second child. After the implementation of the new-law, the Chinese women would be free to conceive a second child without fearing the ruling communist-government. Crushing the decades old policy, the new liberal child-policy will be enacted from early next year. Earlier, China, the highly populated nation, was at the edge of a population explosion; however, with the strict population-regulations, the country had attained a stable population growth. Experts claim that the Chinese economic-experts are currently forecasting a possible labor-shortage in near future. They added that the new policy can be considered as a remedial measure to overcome the anticipated economic-crisis.According to a report, the youth population in China is rampantly shrinking meanwhile the old population is unexpectedly aggravating. The controversial reformation on the family planning was initially reported by the Chinese state-run-Medias. Last week, followed by the President Xi Jinping’s approval, the family-planning bill was passed by a top Chinese parliament committee. Since the cold war era, the Chinese single-child policy has been discussed in the world stage; indeed, it is one of the most sensational policies of the iron-curtain countries. Meanwhile, experts said that the changed demography will compel the Chinese government to invest huge sum on the elderly care. However, in near future, the labor crisis is more likely to transform into a big constrain for the Gross Domestic Production growth of China

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