China intensifies effort to influence Joe Biden

The Asian country of China, which recently initiated a trade war with the United States, has intensified its effort to influence the administration, led by US President-elect Joe Biden, according to a report released by the US Intelligence Agency.

As per the report, China may even attempt to influence officials close to the Democrat leader, who recently defeated US President Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.

China is at present not in a good relation with the US. The Donald Trump-led US administration has been hostile to China. It has taken several aggressive policies against the Chinese government. It has even blamed China for the virus outbreak, which has brought the world’s most powerful country to a difficult juncture.

The US Intelligence report indicates that China wants the Biden-led US administration to maintain a cordial relation with it.  

Another report released by the US Intelligence agency says that the Chinese government has tried to meddle the attempt to make a vaccine against Covid-19 by the US.

There are rumors that the US Intelligence has received certain evidences to believe that the Chinese government has attempted to meddle the US Presidential Election.

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