Democrats’ link with Hungarian businessman exposes their weakness

There are rumours that It was at the behest of a Hungarian businessman Kamala Harris was named as the vice-president candidate of Democrat Party.

Most have dismissed the theory as baseless. Anyway, the original source of the theory is unknown at this juncture.

It is learned that the businessman, whom was targeted, is the main funder of Democrat Party.

As per a latest media report, this theory has been shared repeatedly in many social media platforms in the recent past.

It is believed that the theory was intentionally developed to malign the image of Democrat Party, as till now not a single credible evidence to support the theory has been brought to public.

It is not the first time the party has been tied to this theory. The party’s association with the businessman has landed the party in trouble several times in the past.

At this moment, there is no doubt that Kamala Harris is one of the most perfect candidates the party has selected so far for the VP post.

What troubles the party at this moment is the party’s reluctance to come up with an effective defence against the theory.

Already, the party is at a downside in terms of its winnability in the upcoming Presidential election. The latest crisis may act as an added trouble.

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